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Deal Name Product Type First Report Date Privacy
ABPCI Direct Lending Fund ABS I LtdCDO07/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
ABPCI Direct Lending Fund CLO X LPCDO04/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
AHPT - SERIES AFRF IV LLCABS/MBS02/10/2021PrivateLogin to access
Allegro CLO XII, Ltd.CDO07/21/2021PrivateLogin to access
Apidos CLO XXXV - WHCDO12/30/2020PrivateLogin to access
Aqueduct European CLO 6-2021 DACCDO10/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
Ares CLO Warehouse 2021-1 Ltd.CDO01/12/2021PrivateLogin to access
Aurium CLO VII Designated Activity CompanyCDO10/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
Ballyrock CLO 14 Ltd.CDO01/29/2021PrivateLogin to access
Ballyrock CLO 15 Ltd. - WHCDO01/08/2021PrivateLogin to access
Barclays/BNY Buyer AccountABS/MBS01/28/2021PrivateLogin to access
BDCA Senior Loan Fund LLCCDO01/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
Benefit Street Partners CLO XXII, Ltd.CDO01/28/2021PrivateLogin to access
BlackRock Shasta CLO VII, LLCCDO05/22/2021PrivateLogin to access
Blue Eagle 2021-1A, LLCCDO01/08/2021PrivateLogin to access
Blue Eagle 2021-1B, LLCCDO01/08/2021PrivateLogin to access
Blue Eagle 2021-1C, LLCCDO01/21/2021PrivateLogin to access
Blue Eagle 2021-1D, LLCCDO01/21/2021PrivateLogin to access
BlueMountain EUR 2021-1 CLO DACCDO10/21/2021PrivateLogin to access
Bridge Street CLO I LTD.CDO02/08/2021PrivateLogin to access
CABABS/MBS08/02/2021PrivateLogin to access
Capitala Business Lending, LLCCDO02/01/2021PrivateLogin to access
Carlyle EUR CLO 2021-1, DAC. MOCDOMO02/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
Carlyle Euro CLO 2020-2 D.A.C.CDO07/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
Carlyle Euro CLO 2021-1 WarehouseCDO04/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
Carlyle US CLO 2021-A, Ltd. MOCDOMO02/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
Carlyle US CLO 2021-B, Ltd. MOCDOMO02/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
Catalur Master Fund, LPCDO02/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
Cathedral Lake VII, Ltd.CDO02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Churchill Jr Cap Opp Fund II - DECDO01/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
Churchill Jr Cap Opp Fund II - SCSpCDO01/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
Churchill Jr Cap Opp Fund II - SVCDO01/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
Crown City CLO IICDO07/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
Crown Point CLO 10, Ltd.CDOMO02/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
Dryden 83 CLO LtdCDO07/19/2021PrivateLogin to access
Dryden 83 CLO, LtdCDO01/08/2021PrivateLogin to access
Dryden 89 Euro CLO 2020 DAC - WarehouseCDO07/29/2021PrivateLogin to access
Dutch Property Finance 2021-1 B.V.ABS/MBS04/28/2021Public
EEF TITLING COMPANY LTD.ABS/MBS12/25/2049PrivateLogin to access
ENIV 2020 - RiversideCMBS03/05/2021PrivateLogin to access
ENIV 2020 - WONDERBUILDINGABS/MBS04/09/2021PrivateLogin to access
ENIV 2021 - BRIGHTONABS/MBS03/05/2021PrivateLogin to access
FKMF 2021-AABS/MBS02/22/2021PrivateLogin to access
FKMF 2021-A Collateral TrustABS/MBS02/22/2021PrivateLogin to access
FNMA 2020-084ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-085ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-086ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-087ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-088ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-089ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-090ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-091ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-092ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-093ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-094ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-095ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-096ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-097ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-098ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-099ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-100ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-101ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-M49ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-M51ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-M52ABS/MBS01/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-M53ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-M54ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2020-M55ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-001ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-002ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-003ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-004ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-005ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-006ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-007ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-M1ABS/MBS03/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-M1SABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-M2ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FNMA 2021-M3ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
FONTWELL II SECURITIES 2020 DACABS/MBS03/18/2021PrivateLogin to access
Ford-FCALT 2021-AABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
Ford-HTD FCALT 2021-A Exc NoteABS/MBS02/16/2021PrivateLogin to access
Forum KCM Cash Mgmt AgmtABS/MBS02/22/2021PrivateLogin to access
FREMF 2021-K123 CSCMBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
FREMF 2021-KF96 WFCMBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
FRESB 2021-SB82CMBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
GLV Pass-Through Trust IABS/MBS01/27/2021PrivateLogin to access
GNMA Remic Series 2020-181ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-183ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-184ABS/MBS01/18/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-185ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-186ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-187ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-188ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-189ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-190ABS/MBS01/18/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-191ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-194ABS/MBS01/18/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-195ABS/MBS01/18/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-196ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-197ABS/MBS01/18/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-H20ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-H21ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2020-H22ABS/MBS01/20/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-001ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-002ABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-004ABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-005ABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-006ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-007ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-008ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-009ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-010ABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-011ABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-012ABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-013ABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-015ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-016ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-017ABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-018ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-019ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-H01ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
GNMA Remic Series 2021-H02ABS/MBS02/22/2021Public
Goldman Sachs & Co. 2021-01 (PLEDGED ASSET REPORTS)CDO01/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Goldman Sachs & Co. 2021-02 (PLEDGED ASSET REPORTS)CDO02/03/2021PrivateLogin to access
Goldman Sachs & Co. 2021-03 (PLEDGED ASSET REPORTS)CDO08/12/2022PrivateLogin to access
Goldman Sachs & Co. 2021-04 (PLEDGED ASSET REPORTS)CDO03/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
Goldman Sachs & Co. 2021-05 (PLEDGED ASSET REPORTS)CDO03/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
Goldman Sachs Balance Sheet (Anchorage WH)CDOMO02/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
GS Lakeview Sec CusABS/MBS02/26/2021PrivateLogin to access
GSF 2021-1 Issuer LLCCDO03/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
Gulf Stream Meridian 3 LtdCDO02/11/2021PrivateLogin to access
Gulf Stream Meridian Marlin 1 LtdCDO01/26/2021PrivateLogin to access
HALST 2021-A Origination TrustABS/MBS02/16/2021PrivateLogin to access
Hayfin US XII, Ltd.CDO07/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
HCM 2021-1, LLCCDO01/21/2021PrivateLogin to access
Henley CLO IV Designated Activity CompanyCDO10/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
Henley CLO V DACCDO01/31/2022PrivateLogin to access
HKM SPV Sub III, Ltd.CDO02/11/2021PrivateLogin to access
Hyundai Auto Lease Trust 2021-AABS/MBS02/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
Invesco CLO Equity Fund 3 L.PCDO01/18/2021PrivateLogin to access
IPI Fund II Note Issuer NotesABS/MBS04/26/2021PrivateLogin to access
JPBSC6 JPM Sec Cus AcctABS/MBS02/26/2021PrivateLogin to access
Kawa 2021-1ABS/MBS03/05/2021PrivateLogin to access
Kayne Anderson BDC Financing, LLCCDO02/05/2021PrivateLogin to access
Kayne Anderson BDC, Inc.CDO01/26/2021PrivateLogin to access
KKR Wolverine I Tax Sub LLCCDO12/29/2020PrivateLogin to access
Laboratoire EimerABS/MBS08/02/2021PrivateLogin to access
Lakeview 2021-CRT1, LLCABS/MBS02/10/2021PrivateLogin to access
Lakeview 2021-CRT2, LLCABS/MBS02/10/2021PrivateLogin to access
LMAT 2021-GS1 (IT)ABS/MBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Loanpal SLT 2021-1 (IT)ABS/MBS02/22/2021PrivateLogin to access
Logan CLO I, Ltd.CDO02/01/2021PrivateLogin to access
LSTAR Securities Investment 2021-1ABS/MBS03/01/2021PrivateLogin to access
Man GPM Pluto DACABS/MBS03/31/2021PrivateLogin to access
Maple Mortgage Trust II - MS CACAABS/MBS03/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
MCMLT 2021-NMR1 (IT)ABS/MBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Mello Warehouse Trust 2021-1ABS/MBS03/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Mercedes MBALT 2021-AABS/MBS02/16/2021Public
MF SCR 2021-MN1ABS/MBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
NB Credit Opportunities Fund II LPCDO01/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
NB Credit Opportunities II Cayman LPCDO01/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
NB PD III Offshore AIV LPCDO01/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
Neuberger Berman Loan Advisers CLO 39, Ltd.CDO03/22/2021PrivateLogin to access
Neuberger Berman Loan Advisers Euro CLO 1 DACCDO10/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
OCP CLO 2021-21, Ltd. WarehouseCDO01/29/2021PrivateLogin to access
Octagon 52, Ltd. WhseCDO01/13/2021PrivateLogin to access
OCTAGON 53, LTD.- WHSECDO01/27/2021PrivateLogin to access
Octagon Investment Partners 49, Ltd.CDO07/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
OVLAC Pass-Through Trust IABS/MBS03/01/2021PrivateLogin to access
Oxford Bridge II, LLCCDO02/23/2021PrivateLogin to access
Oxford Bridge LLCCDO02/23/2021PrivateLogin to access
Oxford Gate Master Fund LLCCDO02/23/2021PrivateLogin to access
Parallel 2021-1 Ltd. - WHCDO01/11/2021PrivateLogin to access
PARK AVENUE INT ADV CLO 2021-1CDO07/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
PBD GERMANY AUTO LOAN 2021 UGABS/MBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Pikes Peak CLO 7CDO01/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Pikes Peak CLO 8 WarehouseCDO01/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Pikes Peak CLO 9 - WarehouseCDO02/10/2021PrivateLogin to access
PRMI Trust - Nomura CACAABS/MBS02/10/2021PrivateLogin to access
PROLOGIS EURO FINANCE LLC - PRLGS211ABS/MBS02/16/2022PrivateLogin to access
PRPM 2021-1 LLCABS/MBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Regatta XX Funding Ltd. - WHCDO01/27/2021PrivateLogin to access
RPC Residential Cr Funding Trust IABS/MBS01/12/2021PrivateLogin to access
RR Cayenne 1 LTDCDO01/27/2021PrivateLogin to access
RRE 6 Loan Management DACCDO07/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
Saratoga Investment Corp. CLO 2013-1 WH2CDOMO02/04/2021PrivateLogin to access
Shamrock Residential 2021-1 DACABS/MBS02/24/2021PrivateLogin to access
SOFA Facility Holdings LLCCDO02/26/2021PrivateLogin to access
Sound Point Euro CLO V DACCDO04/28/2021PrivateLogin to access
STACR 2021-DNA1ABS/MBS02/25/2021Public
Station Place 2021-1CDO02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Station Place 2021-2CDO02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Station Place 2021-3ABS/MBS02/16/2021PrivateLogin to access
Station Place 2021-CL1ABS/MBS03/17/2021PrivateLogin to access
Station Place 2021-SP1ABS/MBS02/24/2021PrivateLogin to access
Station Place 2021-WL1ABS/MBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
Steamboat XX Ltd.CDO02/01/2021PrivateLogin to access
Steele Creek Capital Funding I, LLCCDO02/09/2021PrivateLogin to access
TPMFT REO 2018-PM11ABS/MBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
TPMFT REO 2020-PM2ABS/MBS02/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
TruPS Financials Note Securitization 2020-2CDO12/30/2020PrivateLogin to access
TVL Finance PLC - TVLFIN04ABS/MBS06/15/2021PrivateLogin to access
VCAT 2021-NPL1, LLCABS/MBS01/25/2021PrivateLogin to access
VRMTG Asset Trust - Series VAT-13ABS/MBS01/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
VRMTG Asset Trust - Series VAT-14ABS/MBS01/20/2021PrivateLogin to access
YLDA S.p.AABS/MBS06/30/2021PrivateLogin to access
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