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List Criteria:National Collegiate Trust

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Deal Name Product Type Recent Report Date Privacy
NCSLT 1996-S2ABS/MBS09/20/2011PrivateLogin to access
NCSLT 1997-S1ABS/MBS03/20/2013PrivateLogin to access
NCT 97-S2ABS/MBS09/20/2011PrivateLogin to access
NCT 1998-CP1ABS/MBS07/27/2011PrivateLogin to access
NCT 1999-CP1ABS/MBS05/24/2013PrivateLogin to access
NCT 2000-CP1ABS/MBS10/24/2015PrivateLogin to access
NCT 2001-CP1ABS/MBS07/27/2015PrivateLogin to access
NCT 2002-CP1ABS/MBS01/27/2017PrivateLogin to access
NCSLT 2003-1ABS/MBS12/28/2020PrivateLogin to access
NCT 2003-CP1ABS/MBS10/25/2018PrivateLogin to access
NCSLT 2004-1ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCSLT 2004-2ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCT 2004-CP1ABS/MBS06/24/2020PrivateLogin to access
NCSLT 2005-1ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCSLT 2005-2ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCSLT 2005-3ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCSLT 2006-1ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCT 2006-AABS/MBS12/28/2020PrivateLogin to access
NCSLT 2006-2ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCT 2007-AABS/MBS12/28/2020PrivateLogin to access
NCSLT 2006-3ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCT 2005-GATEABS/MBS12/24/2020PrivateLogin to access
NCSLT 2006-4ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCSLT 2007-1ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCSLT 2007-2ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCSLT 2007-3ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCSLT 2007-4ABS/MBS12/28/2020Public
NCT Master TrustABS/MBS12/28/2020PrivateLogin to access
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